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Arabidopsis JAZ Proteins Interact with and Suppress RHD6 Transcription Factor to Regulate Jasmonate-Stimulated Root Hair Development Han X Jan 2020
bHLH121 Functions as A Direct Link that Facilitates the Activation of FIT by bHLH IVc Transcription Factors for Maintaining Fe Homeostasis in Arabidopsis Lei RH; Li Y Jan 2020
Oryza sativa POSITIVE REGULATOR OF IRON DEFICIENCY RESPONSE 2 (OsPRI2) and OsPRI3 are involved in the maintenance of Fe homeostasis Zhang HM 2020
Asclepiadospermum gen. nov., the earliest fossil record of Asclepiadoideae (Apocynaceae) from the early Eocene of central Qinghai‐Tibetan Plateau, and its biogeographic implications Del Rio C Jan 2020
Quantifying the effect of shading and watering on seed germination in translocated forest topsoil at a subtropical karst of China Zhao GJ Mar 2020
The temporal stability of soil moisture spatial pattern and its influencing factors in rocky environments Zhao ZM Apr 2020
Change of soil K, N and P following forest restoration in rock outcrop rich karst area Shen YX 2020
Analysis of canopy temperature depression between tropical rainforest and rubber plantation in Southwest China Myo STZ Dec 2019
Developmental constraints and resource environment shape early emergence and investment in spines in saplings Armani M Nov 2019
Differences in geographic distribution of ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) between forests and rubber plantations: a case study in Xishuangbanna, China, and a global meta-analysis Alcantara MJM Sep 2019
Varied Effects of Tending Ant Species on the Development of Facultatively Myrmecophilous Lycaenid Butterfly Larvae Mizuno, T Aug 2019
Taxonomic and Functional Ant Diversity along Tropical, Subtropical, and Subalpine Elevational Transects in Southwest China Fontanilla AM May 2019