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Tradeoff between Stem Hydraulic Efficiency and Mechanical Strength Affects Leaf–Stem Allometry in 28 Ficus Tree Species Fan ZX Sep 2017
Comparative transcriptome analysis of axillary buds in response to the shoot branching regulators gibberellin A3 and 6-benzyladenine in Jatropha curcas Ni J; Zhao ML Sep 2017
Evolutionary Comparisons of the Chloroplast Genome in Lauraceae and Insights into Loss Events in the Magnoliids Song Y Sep 2017
Two new species of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Putao, Kachin State, northern Myanmar Yang B Sep 2017
Tree rings reveal recent intensified spring drought in the central Himalaya, Nepal Panthi S Oct 2017
First Report of Root and Basal Stem Rot in Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) Caused by Fusarium oxysporum in China Chai X Sep 2017
Epiphytic bryophytes as bio-indicators of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in a subtropical montane cloud forest: Response patterns, mechanism, and critical load Shi XM Oct 2017
Polyalthia yingjiangensis sp. nov (Annonaceae) from the China/Myanmar border Xue B Aug 2017
Reinwardtia glandulifera (Linaceae), a new species from Kachin State, northern Myanmar Yang B Aug 2017
Arabidopsis WRKY45 interacts with the DELLA protein RGL1 to positively regulate age-triggered leaf senescence Chen LG Jul 2017
POSITIVE REGULATOR OF IRON HOMEOSTASIS 1 (OsPRI1) positively regulates iron homeostasis in rice Zhang HM Jul 2017
Foragers of sympatric Asian honey bee species intercept competitor signals by avoiding benzyl acetate from Apis cerana alarm pheromone Wen P Jul 2017