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Forest Type and Tree Characteristics Determine the Vertical Distribution of Epiphytic Lichen Biomass in Subtropical Forests Li S Nov 2017
The bHLH Transcription Factors MYC2, MYC3, and MYC4 Are Required for Jasmonate-Mediated Inhibition of Flowering in Arabidopsis Wang HP Nov 2017
A biogeographical study on tropical flora of southern China Zhu H Oct 2017
Comparative analysis of complete chloroplast genome sequences of two subtropical trees, Phoebe sheareri and Phoebe omeiensis (Lauraceae) Song Y Dec 2017
Snow damage strongly reduces the strength of the carbon sink in a primary subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest Song QH Oct 2017
Comparison of infrared canopy temperature in a rubber plantation and tropical rain forest Song QH Oct 2017
A new fossil species of Cryptomeria (Cupressaceae) from the Rupelian of the Lühe Basin, Yunnan, East Asia: Implications for palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology Ding WN Sep 2017
Throughfall kinetic energy and its spatial characteristics under rubber-based agroforestry systems Liu JQ Oct 2017
Alseodaphnopsis: A new genus of Lauraceae based on molecular and morphological evidence Mo YQ; Li L; Li JW Oct 2017
Coelogyne magnifica (Orchidaceae), a new species from northern Myanmar Yang B Oct 2017
Changes in soil microbial communities due to biological invasions can reduce allelopathic effects Li YP Oct 2017
The sex pheromone of a globally invasive honey bee predator, the Asian eusocial hornet, Vespa velutina Wen P Oct 2017