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Mapping priorities for conservation in Southeast Asia Hughes AC May 2017
Understanding the drivers of Southeast Asian biodiversity loss Hughes AC Jan 2017
Chemical constituents and anti-inflammatory activities of Maqian (Zanthoxylum myriacanthum var. pubescens) bark extracts Zhang HL; Gan XQ Apr 2017
A core-transient framework for trait-based community ecology: an example from a tropical tree seedling community Umana, MN Apr 2017
Forests and Their Canopies: Achievements and Horizons in Canopy Science Nakamura A Mar 2017
Uplift-driven diversification in the Hengduan Mountains, a temperate biodiversity hotspot Xing YW; Ree RH Apr 2017
Effects of rubber-based agroforestry systems on soil aggregation and associated soil organic carbon: Implications for land use Chen CF Mar 2017
Tropical rain forest of southern China and conservation of biodiversity Zhu H Mar 2017
Resisting majesty: Apis cerana, has lower antennal sensitivity and decreased attraction to queen mandibular pheromone than Apis mellifera Dong SH Mar 2017
Manganese Toxicity Inhibited Root Growth by Disrupting Auxin Biosynthesis and Transport in Arabidopsis Zhao JJ Mar 2017
Warm–Cold colonization: Response of oaks to uplift of the Himalaya–Hengduan Mountains Meng HH Mar 2017
Environmental filtering structures tree functional traits combination and lineages across space in tropical tree assemblages Asefa M Mar 2017