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Increased Drought Sensitivity Results in a Declining Tree Growth of Pinus latteri in Northeastern Thailand Rakthai S Mar 2020
Identification and Validation a Major QTL from “Sea Rice 86” Seedlings Conferred Salt Tolerance Wu FL Mar 2020
Recognizing the role of plant species composition in the modification of soil nutrients and water in rubber agroforestry systems Wu JE Mar 2020
Horizontal Gene Transfer has Impacted cox1 Gene Evolution in Cassytha filiformis Zhang CY Mar 2020
The Lateral Leaflet Suppression 1 (LLS1), encoding the MtYUCCA1 protein, regulates lateral leaflet development in Medicago truncatula Zhao BL; He LL; Jiang C Mar 2020
Abies spectabilis shows stable growth relations to temperature, but changing response to moisture conditions along an elevation gradient in the central Himalaya Gaire NP Apr 2020
Using landscape connectivity tools to identify conservation priorities in forested areas and potential restoration priorities in rubber plantation in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China Liu WJ 2020
Combined genotype and phenotype analyses reveal patterns of genomic adaptation to local environments in the subtropical oak Quercus acutissima Gao J Jan 2020
First assessment of pteridophytes’ composition and conservation status in Myanmar Khine PK Mar 2020
Characterization of a PLDζ2 Homology Gene from Developing Castor Bean Endosperm Tian B Mar 2020
Phylogeny and biogeography of the hollies (Ilex L., Aquifoliaceae) Yao X Jan 2020
The significance of Rouxopteris (Gleicheniaceae, Polypodiopsida): a new genus endemic to the Madagascan region Liu HM Feb 2020