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Genomic basis of homoploid hybrid speciation within chestnut trees Sun YS Jul 2020
A study of male fertility control in Medicago truncatula uncovers an evolutionarily conserved recruitment of two tapetal bHLH subfamilies in plant sexual reproduction Zheng XL; He LL Jun 2020
Fungi isolated from host protocorms accelerate symbiotic seed germination in an endangered orchid species (Dendrobium chrysotoxum) from southern China Shao SC Jun 2020
Soil organic matter as affected by the conversion of natural tropical rainforest to monoculture rubber plantations under acric ferralsols Balasubramanian D Jun 2020
Effects of a funnel-shaped canopy on rainfall redistribution and plant water acquisition in a banana (Musa spp.) plantation Yang B Jun 2020
A combination of morphological and photosynthetic functional traits maintains the vertical distribution of bryophytes in a subtropical cloud forest Fan XY May 2020
Forests buffer thermal fluctuation better than non-forests Lin H May 2020
Allele-aware chromosome-level genome assembly and efficient transgene-free genome editing for the autotetraploid cultivated alfalfa Chen HT; Zeng Y; Yang YZ; Huang LL; Tang BL; Zhang H; Hao F May 2020
Composition of frugivores of Baccaurea ramiflora (Phyllanthaceae) and effects of environmental factors on frugivory in two tropical forests of China and Thailand Tongkok S Sep 2020
A molecular framework underlying the compound leaf pattern of Medicago truncatula He LL; Liu Y May 2020
Why the ‘Uplift of the Tibetan Plateau’ is a myth Spicer RA May 2020
Conifer and broadleaved trees differ in branch allometry but maintain similar functional balances Zhang L Apr 2020