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Comparative chloroplast genomes of Paris Sect. Marmorata: insights into repeat regions and evolutionary implications Gao XY Dec 2018
Obligate to facultative shift of two epiphytic Lepisorus species during subtropical forest degradation: Insights from functional traits Chen Q; Lu HZ Mar 2019
Playbacks of Asian honey bee stop signals demonstrate referential inhibitory communication Dong SH Feb 2019
Transcriptome analysis reveals a composite molecular map linked to unique seed oil profile of Neocinnamomum caudatum (Nees) Merr Gan Y; Song Y Nov 2018
The floral transcriptome of Machilus yunnanensis, a tree in the magnoliid family Lauraceae Song Y Dec 2018
Comparative physiological responses and transcriptome analysis reveal the roles of melatonin and serotonin in regulating growth and metabolism in Arabidopsis Wan JP Dec 2018
Involvement of reactive oxygen species and auxin in serotonin-induced inhibition of primary root elongation Wan JP Oct 2018
Non-dominant trees significantly enhance species richness of epiphytic lichens in subtropical forests of southwest China Li S Nov 2018
Reticulate evolution within a spruce (Picea) species complex revealed by population genomic analysis Sun YS Oct 2018
Prolonged milk provisioning in a jumping spider Chen ZQ Nov 2018
Introduction of a leguminous shrub to a rubber plantation changed the soil carbon and nitrogen fractions and ameliorated soil environments Liu CA Nov 2018
Conflict between biodiversity conservation and economic growth: insight into rare plants in tropical China Meng HH Nov 2018