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One-day Canopy Conference Online

时间:2021-10-11  来源:科技外事处  浏览次数:   作者:王斯迪     打印  字体: 关闭

One-day Canopy Conference Online

18th October 2021


OPENING SESSION: Beijing (China) time 08:30-09:00

For your local time see:

Opening remarks:

Welcome to Xishuangbanna (online)

Yongping Yang (XTBG director): Opening remark

Roger Kitching: The future of canopy science: connections, connections, connections


SESSION ONE: Beijing (China) time 09:00-11:00

Chair: David Ellsworth

Meeting ID: 883 5199 4447 Passcode: canopyXTBG

SESSION TWO: Beijing (China) time 11:00-13:00

Chair: Louise Ashton Meeting ID: 940 5586 4188 Passcode: 045211

SESSION THREE: Beijing (China) time 20:00-22:00

Chair: Katerina Sam

SESSION FOUR: Beijing (China) time 22:00-24:00

Chair: Aki Nakamura Meeting ID: 644 8564 9203 Passcode: 753419


Host: Prof. Akihiro

Affiliation: CAS Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG)


Welcome to attend the conference and give a presentation!