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Large-scale patterns of understory biomass and its allocation across China's forests Jin YQ Jan 2022
Higher water and nutrient use efficiencies in savanna than in rainforest lianas result in no difference in photosynthesis Zhang YB Jan 2022
Differentiation in stem and leaf traits among sympatric lianas, scandent shrubs and trees in a subalpine cold temperate forest Zhang KY; Yang D; Zhang YB Nov 2021
Utilization of the Hollies (Ilex L. spp.): A Review Yao X Jan 2022
A chromosome-scale genome assembly for the holly (Ilex polyneura) provides insights into genomic adaptations to elevation in Southwest China Yao X Jan 2022
First pod record of Mucuna (Papilionoideae, Fabaceae) from the late Miocene of the Yen Bai Basin, northern Vietnam Nguyen HB Mar 2022
Hail event rather than cold stress, has profound effects on the carbon-water coupling process of Hevea brasiliensis in Xishuangbanna Lin YX Jan 2022
Tropical deciduous forest in Yunnan, southwestern China:Implications for geological and climatic histories from a little-known forest formation Zhu H Dec 2021
Thermal safety margins of plant leaves across biomes under a heatwave Kitudom N 2021
Long-term growth trends of Abies delavayi and its physiological responses to a warming climate in the Cangshan Mountains, southwestern China Yang RQ Dec 2021
Effect of root-glomalin on soil carbon storage in trees' rhizosphere and interspace of a tropical dry forest Singh AK Oct 2021
Soil heterotrophic respiration in response to rising temperature and moisture along an altitudinal gradient in a subtropical forest ecosystem, Southwest China Mohd Z Nov 2021