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Ecological redlines provide a mechanism to maximize conservation gains in Mainland Southeast Asia Bai Y Oct 2021
Phylogenetic conservatism explains why plants are more likely to produce fleshy fruits in the tropics Wang G Oct 2021
Late Eocene sclerophyllous oak from Markam Basin, Tibet, and its biogeographic implications Chen LL Oct 2021
Primula longistyla (Primulaceae), a new species from Yunnan, China Ma XD Oct 2021
Altered albedo dominates the radiative forcing changes in a subtropical forest following an extreme snow event Gnanamoorthy P Sep 2021
IRON MAN interacts with BRUTUS to maintain iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis Li Y; Lu CK; Li CY Sep 2021
Efficiency of graft-transmitted JcFT for floral induction in woody perennial species of the Jatropha genus depends on transport distance Tang MY; Bai X Sep 2021
Effects of hillslope position on soil water infiltration and preferential flow in tropical forest in southwest China Chen CF Sep 2021
Plastid NDH Pseudogenization and Gene Loss in a Recently Derived Lineage from the Largest Hemiparasitic Plant Genus Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) Li X May 2021
Soil legacy effect of extreme precipitation on a tropical invader in different land use types Shi X Aug 2021
Fossil-Informed Models Reveal a Boreotropical Origin and Divergent Evolutionary Trajectories in the Walnut Family (Juglandaceae) Zhang QY May 2021
The diversification of the northern temperate woody flora – A case study of the Elm family (Ulmaceae) based on phylogenomic and paleobotanical evidence Zhang QY 2021