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Auxin contributes to jasmonate-mediated regulation of abscisic acid signaling during seed germination in Arabidopsis Mei S;Zhang MH Dec 2022
Comparative chloroplast genome analysis of Ficus (Moraceae): Insight into adaptive evolution and mutational hotspot regions Zhang ZR;Yang X Sep 2022
Diversity and metabolic potentials of microbial communities associated with pollinator and cheater fig wasps in fig-fig wasp mutualism system Dong YY Nov 2022
Description of two new species of Hemiphyllodactylus (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from karst landscapes in Yunnan, China, highlights complex conservation needs Agung AP Aug 2022
Pod fossils of Albizia (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae) from the late Miocene of northern Vietnam and their phytogeographic history Nguyen HB Jan 2023
Riparian areas as a conservation priority under climate change Zhang XY Feb 2023
Cenozoic plants from Tibet: An extraordinary decade of discovery, understanding and implications Zhou ZK 2022
Sundaic elephants prefer habitats on the periphery of protected areas De la Torre JA Oct 2022
Microclimatic variation in tropical canopies: A glimpse into the processes of community assembly in epiphytic bryophyte communities Shen T Oct 2022
High outcrossing rates in a self-compatible and highly aggregated host-generalist mistletoe Li MR; Sui Y 2022
Host-mediated effects on the reproductive phenological asynchrony of a generalist mistletoe in China Li MR 2022
Shifts in chemical and microbiological properties belowground of invader Ageratina adenophora along an altitudinal gradient Li WT 2022